Services & Sectors

Hantall Developments is a main contractor within the construction industry, focussing across the fields of Industrial and Commercial construction, with a particular specialism in Automotive Retail.
Work through the late 80’s and early 90’s concentrated on new build and refurbishments within the nursing homes sector along with Industrial refurbishment, moving on through the 90’s into new build Industrial units, office refurbishments, hotel extensions / renovations, sports clubhouses and more recently developing as a specialist contractor within the automotive industry.


Car Showrooms

The Hantall team has vast experience working in the Automotive Retail sector and this has become one of the company’s specialisms. Our works include newbuilds, full and partial refurbishments and planned/reactive maintenance.

Our work has covered a variety of high-end automotive brands including Audi, BMW, Ferrari. Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, VW amongst many others. We have completed these projects for numerous clients and always work alongside the client team to ensure their individual requirements are met. Our commitment to high-quality above all else is valued by Clients and Consultants alike.

Several of our most recent projects have become the benchmark for future projects for our Clients and the Automotive Brands they represent. This is a testament to the experience and technical ability of our team, and to the corporate identity of Hantall Developments, including our determination to deliver high-quality for our Clients.


Public Sector, Residential, and Specialist Property Renovations

This is an area of work that has run throughout Hantall’ s history, and despite not being our main source of projects in more recent times it remains an area our team enjoys and thrives in.

Our past projects include works on; residential homes, flats, school extensions/refurbishments, libraries and other public buildings, farm re-developments, and specialist residential builds/conversions.

Hantall is accredited by the National House Building Council (NHBC) however we are not a Commercial housebuilder. Our works in this area tend to focus on specialist builds or conversions which include large-scale properties or unorthodox designs and methods. These often-complex projects require extensive knowledge and a cooperative, constructive relationship with the Architect and design team, something we believe to be vital in any project no matter the sector.


Commercial, Industrial and Leisure

Hantall has a substantial record of projects within this area. These projects vary greatly including working on; Food Factories, Sport Clubhouses, and office/Commercial fit outs. The variety of work undertaken showcases the versatility of the Hantall team, all based on experience and high levels of technical knowledge which enables our team to utilise their skills across different sectors. This is an area of specialism Hantall continues to grow and we are excited to further expand within this sector in coming years. During 2020/21 our largest project was within this sector at Meadow Foods Ltd Processing Facility, Peterborough. With more projects in the pipeline within this sector we are optimistic moving forward.
Some of our


Our testimonials are evidence of our client satisfaction. Our determination to achieve high-quality results whilst ensuring our projects complete within time and budget has meant our Clients have been able to rely on us to accomplish their goals.

We have completed projects for several of the UK’s largest automotive retailers and we are excited to continue our work and hopefully build our client base further because of our high-quality products.

In the Industrial and Commercial sector, we have worked for a wide range of PLC’s and private clients across the UK.

Our Public Sector works, and Residential/Specialist Property projects tend to be more locally focussed within Greater Manchester, spreading out across the North West.